Sunday, 29 March 2009

At last.

I hope everyone had a fun weekend, today I took a trip into the shops and bought myself a beautiful dress for my Graduation Ball! I'm not sure yet if I want to post it here or leave it until July, I want to do everything possible to make sure I'm not bored of it by then! I don't think that'll happen because I truly love it but just to be sure...I could probably be persuaded to show you though! I bought a couple of other things too, bad Char! This was my outfit, please excuse that I look like an overweight toddler;

It isn't entirely obvious in these photos but the tights are brown, not black, they were in the lucky dip I ordered from tightsplease a while ago. The shoes and dress are from Topshop and the brown top is from River Island. This necklace is from H&M;
The bracelets are a mixture of vintage and New Look.
Shoe close-up!
I've been trying to get more detail shots, do you guys prefer it that way?
This is my outfit from Friday, I went home to visit my family and my brother threatened to steal this jumper, despite the fact that it is really a dress! I am a bit annoyed with this dress though as I washed it today for the first time and now there's a weird line down the design...they don't have it at our Topshop so if I was to swap it, I'd have to send it back because I bought it from the website! Annoying when something you love get messed up and I was so careful too!

The jumper dress is Illustrated People at Topshop, the dress underneath is from Zara and the boots were a Christmas gift, the socks are from ebay (some fetish shop, weird!)
I got shoes today like I've been wanting for the longest time, they're a wedge rather than a heel but I think that makes them more summery and easier to walk in! I can not wait to wear these bad boys out!

I bought a couple of other things too, but I am likely to be wearing them in the next few days and so to photograph them now would be redundant!
Tomorrow I really must crack on with my revision, then I think in the evening we're going out for dinner for a friends birthday. My new flatmate arrives on Tuesday and I'm a bit nervous because I haven't met him before and I am so used to living alone, it's been two months now! Must break singing out-loud habit...
Char x


Slanelle said...

those balmain-inspired shoes are great !! i totally need to find myself a pair of these babies!!

the prices are really higher at COS than at H&M, the grey top i wear on the pic costs 35€ , whereas at H&M, you can have a fancy top for 15.90, maximum !

Anonymous said...

ahhh those studded shoes are so hot

beckylou said...

awww cute dress, and bow, and shoes, and .... I just ADORE your outfit!!!!!

Emy Augustus said...

that was actually my sis. hehe

sweet wolf shirt! wild actually.

DaisyChain said...

Your last pair of shoesssss. I LOVE them,
and your wolf tee.

I want to see you dress

(I also want to dress up in my old prom dress, just because I have nowhere to go, but I'm jealous of everyone's posts)


becca. said...

i do wonder too, but there lovely tights! :)
gorgeous bracelets, i'm having a bit of a bracelet obsession at the moment (:
and those shoes aswell there amazing :O
thankyou for the comment lovely :)

becca. said...

i do wonder too, but there lovely tights! :)
gorgeous bracelets, i'm having a bit of a bracelet obsession at the moment (:
and those shoes aswell there amazing :O
thankyou for the comment lovely :)

Maria said...

Aww love your acessoires. *

yiqin; said...

Those studded shoes are to die for! The dress looks so cute on you :)

sabrina said...

studded shoes = hotness.

Karafina said...

omg, the plaid dress is adorable, and i lovvveee your new heels. so hot!

Eeli said...

Hun. I'm so sorry for not commenting but I've been checking up on ya just don't have the time. You understand though no? :)

Anyhoo I cannot wait for the graduation dress to be unveiled! And the layered bracelets are well.... pretty farn hot.

Much luv to ya hun

dapper kid said...

I am so in love with the studded shoes!! Your first outfit was so cute, that dress is fantastic. And I adore the wolf jumper :)

Dooder City said...

i lobr the shoes and i love the bracelets.

Molly said...

i MUST buy myself a necklace like that :)

Charmaine said...

hair bow is so very cute!

Kandace said...

those wedges are great. and i totally know what you mean about socks from fetish shops. they totally have the best legwear. weird right.

irmiana said...

:o ! Those studded shoes are amazing! Ah! *must find similar shoes*


Raquel said...

great shoes! you look amazing!

Tea For Two said...

The wolf top is too cute for words. I love the way you dress, you have great combinations.