Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Today is my day off, had some good sleep, had a few coffees and just in general, had some me time :) Work and the weekend has totaly caught up with me today, very tired! The whole 6am getting up thing has gotten me a bit tired and rubbish haha!
But in happier and non-moany news (haha!), I have been buying again. The shame! I really should put a stop to this, but I'll start that later on in the month I think!
What I've bought recently;
A cute little embellished cardigan. Its very sheer and perfect for the warm-ish weather we seem to have been getting recently (hooray!). I got it from Topshop (my wardrobe has pretty much become Topshop to be honest, I must put a stop to this, but everything is always so nice!), but I ordered it from their website as I hadn't seen it yet at my work. It came pretty quickly, which I'm very happy about, I compeltly forot about about it until I checked the front door today to see if we had any mail and there it was, stuck through the letter box :) I actually squealed when I seen their polka-dot package lying there :)
A new pair of skinnies, Ive been wearing my VERY old dark blue skinnies alot recently and thought I'd get a new pair, possibly for T in the Park this year, which I'm VERY excited about! Although, I love my old skinnies so much I may wear these news ones to the festival? OMG listen to me, the festival isn't until July this year, but hey, theres no harm in planning these things is there?!
I also bought another pair of trousers, but not jeans, striped dress trousers, they are so comfy and I'm v.pleased I got 'em. Although I didnt take a picture of them, but here they are at the Topshop website;
I'm wearing them just now, which I'll post a picture of just now;
All my new stuff is on here LOL. Oh, and I also bought a new Tee-Shirt dress/longish top from the Boutique range at Topshop, which I've got tucked into me trousers here :)
And here is a picture from the weekend, I wore my jumper again (which is sooo SNAGED and kinda ripped at the moment, I've managed to fix it but itll prob snag again at one point!);
Sea .x.x.


Fashion Prescription said...

I like the trousers alot!

giggleness said...

love the shirt!

Anonymous said...

I love the jeans. Sadly Topshop jeans don't fit me very well ;)

Also really love the black embelished top. I'm hoping to wear more cardigans and less coats this week :D

Vintage Tea said...

Love the shoulder detail!

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elisabeth said...

the detail on that cardigen is beautiful!!love the fact its sheer as well, your lucky to work in such a good branch of topshop, we never seem to have anything good in ours :(