Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Ok, everytime I create a post, I have something new to show to everyone! Is that really bad? One day, I'll post and be like; hmm I've not bought anything - when wil lthis day come?!
Right now I am watching Sex and the City and still can't believe they are making a SECOND film?! I mean, come on! Didn't they make enough money from the series, the (poor) first movie?! Not that I hate SATC or anything, I just love the series too much and was disappointed with the film :(
Anyway! First purchase (oops and yes, theres more than one) was a new skirt, black and fringey and just yummy. I actually luurrrrve it! I wore it out for a work do on Friday via;

Then I went all emo (LOL);

There is a close up of the fringe-y-ness. But I actually cannot eat any form of chocolate or crisps or anything actually, as crumbs stick to this - ALOT. Seriosuly, they wont just brush off or wipe off! Anyway, thats how I wore me new skirt over the weekend. I had it on yesterday too with some flat boots and stuff, but I did not get a picture, maybe tomorrow as I'm sure I'll wear it again ha!
What I bought before this was a lovely flowery vest top, perfect for warm weather (it was actually MILD today; *eeee excitement!!*) Hooray! I wore my little yellow vintage shoes that I'm sure I've got a picture of somewhere on this blog?! But yeah, I was unsure if I could get away with wearing it as a dress? So I put on a little boob tubey dress underneath, just to cover myself haha!
This was today's outfit, I must admit I was hungover today and din't put much effort into my outfit due to feeling sick, light headed and wishing the day was over; stat.
What a weird angle, argh I'm actually going to have to get someone to take pictures for me, I'm so useless haha!
Oh, the Boutique section had sold out of the cropped tee I wanted *sob*. Although they do still have it in the black, but the white was niceeeeeee! The black is still nice but whiiiiiittteeee *wails*. I'll get obsessed with something else by tomorrow most likely!
Sea .x.x.
PS: how FAB are Char's new shoes?! Stud loveeeee!!


Winnie said...

Haha. Ok maybe you do have an addiction.

I loooove that fringe skirt though!!

sabrina said...

that fringe skirt is gorgeoussssssnesssss.
that's how gorgeous it is! =D

DaisyChain said...

I love that skirt.
And the second outfit. I have totally the wrong body shape for such things, sadly.

mimi said...

maaan that fringing is nice! where'd you get that lovely flowery vest dress? it looks great with the boob tube underneath :)

fhen said...

you did a lot of shopping :)
i loooove the fringe black skirt

emma said...

ah what an awesome skirt!

Jojo said...

Love the skirt..is it Topshop?

Looks fab with a simple black vest..


Maria said...

Oh love the fringe skirt. *

Dooder City said...

i love the fringes on the first skirt!

Ariella said...

All those purchases are lovely.... but esp that pretty little vest!

Kay said...

I love all the clothes in these shots! I love the skirt on you. I never watch SATC or the film, but I definitely think they're overdoing it now

Hayley said...

I love all these outfits, so amazing. I particularly love the fringed skirt, the floral dress/top and the graphic photo tee. Love your style.

Flashes of Style said...

such an adorable flapper skirt dear!

Eeli said...

You're not missing out on much regarding twitter hun! You are looking so adorbale in this series of shots. Your black fringe reminds me of my white fringe I'd made lol. As they say, best minds think alike.. :P

Curella said...

all the outfits are fabulous, i definitely would wear that rocker chic one!

kimvee said...

That fringe skirt is awesome! Absolutely adore your outfit ;)

deep_in_vogue said...

Love your fringe skirt, it's adorable!!

Maverick said...

Lol! You're so funny. I love the emo look and the rocker look :P

xx. mavi

dapper kid said...

I LOVE the fringe skirt!! And that floral dress is so beautiful :)

elisabeth said...

lol its not bad!:D i like it!
i love that fringe skirt, wish our topshop sold mokre of this stuff :( your so lucky!

Kandace said...

I have that lace bolero. It's from H&M right. I love how you paired it with a floral dress. Very cute. As for the addiction. What fashion blogger doesn't have one? :)


Natalie said...

i love the fringe skirt! very 1920s western!


Slanelle said...

i think the "emo" pic is pretty cute ;)

Susan said...

I love all this stuff!!

Karafina said...

ahhh, ive been wanting a fringe skirt for ages now, yours is perfect!

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