Monday, 17 November 2008

Through the Looking Glass

The start of a new week is always a time which makes me feel like I have a lot to do and very little time to do it in. That feeling usually disapears by Tuesday lunchtime though, to be replaced with a kind of laziness! Today's outfit;
Broke in the Topshop Granny shoes (my feet hurt!) and wore a vintage lace bolero/shrug thing I got on etsy a while ago and hadn't worn yet! I also wore my Zara dress and the studded belt from H&M, with H&M tights and a necklace I got ages ago on ebay!
Close up of the lace and necklace (I'm sure I've worn it before but it's a clock, not a working one though!)
Yesterday's outfit, I got dressed intended to head for the shops but ended up not going further than Tescos!
The weird pose is because I was picking stickers off the bottom of my shoes while the self-timer ticked! The top is another etsy purchase, worn with a Primark boob-tube (since I hate having my cleavage on display - I get hollered at enough by builders etc). The skirt is H&M, pretty predictable to wear my purple shoes with my purple skirt, I know! The shoes are New Look and the cuff is from some random goth shop.
Oh! I wore my faux fur jacket too, I love that thing;
So that was day one and two of my "wear heels everyday week" and no major injuries yet!
Char x


Victoria-Olivia said...

Oooh that first outfit is so so pretty, all of it! And I love the secong, the fur coat! It's needed for the freezing cold.
About the skirt, I think I'll just stick with a plain black tee, maybe white. Or a black sweetheart neck top would look sweet.

Elena said...

Love both outfits! In the first one the shoes and the bolero make the difference and the second one I don't know if I am more in love with the skirt or the jacket! Fab fab fab!
I linked you!

ray desre said...

lovin the lace and your shoes xx

DaisyChain said...

Yay for surviving in heels!
I love the little lace bolero!