Friday, 21 November 2008

Let the record play

I am dreading this weekend since I have to be in work for 8am tomorrow, I find it basically impossible to even wake up at that time! However, after that (assuming I survive it...) Sea and I have a night out planned and I have new velvet-y greatness to wear so it's not all bad! Today's outfit;

I look really moody in these photos but the reason is that they were taken at like 8.45 in the morning (I will very rarely be happy if I am made to wake before 9...). The jumper dress was a gift from the family in Australia, the tights are H&M, Dorothy Perkins shoes (urgh, flats again!), the belt is H&M and the jewellery I thrifted t'other day.
In other news; velvet is my kryptonite. I bought this belt off ebay last night; FYI there was a matching bag that I was [ ] this close to also buying...Have a great weekend everybody!
Char x


emma said...

cute belts!

saray said...
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saray said...

I like this dress on you!

MR style said...

it looks very vuitton

muchlove said...

lovely outfit! :)
gosh, work at 8 am? I have trouble just getting up that early!

Zita said...

Loving the belt! How could you not get the matching bag?! I would have been too weak to resist!

Thanks for commenting my blog. It's exciting to know someone is reading (yea I might be a bit sad!?)

I've finished my degree now just working to pay my debt off. I just did a straight Psychology Bsc. How about you?

Elena said...

Love the belt! And the outfit! I hope you are going to get some rest over the week-end!

Stephanie said...

That belt is amazing!