Friday, 14 November 2008

Friday night lights

It's officially the weekend! I don't know why I'm excited since I'm spending tomorrow at work, Sunday in the library and so far no plans for vodka-times in between *sigh* I had a nice today, lunch with some uni friends and then I returned the ripped boots and swapped them for something else (ooops, I may have bought 3 pairs of shoes in one day...epic shoe post to come!), so all is well! So, on to outfits;

Wore my Zara Kids vest thing again, damn that thing is cosy! Excuse the crapness of the photos but on Fridays I have a 9 o'clock lecture which means I get up before the sun does! I wore it with a Topshop boutique dress, Topshop cardigan, Primark skirt and H&M tights! I had black shoe boots on this morning but then swapped for flat red boots! The neckalces are H&M.
Thursday's outfit;

The same red boots I wore today, Primark tights, Topshop skirt, Zara top (I usually only wear it to work!) and a cardigan which was a gift.
Hope everyone has a most excellent weekend!
Char x


muchlove said...

nice outfits! love the red boots.

Ariella said...

Aw, weekends were you have to study aren't fun, but hopefully you'll get to squeeze in something fun to do.
I love your shoes in the first outfit!

DaisyChain said...

I'm glad you got to swap the boots! I went in to our topshop the other day and they had none left in any size,
so my plans to amputate my toes came to nothing. Probably just as well, really =)

Dapper Kid said...

That fuzzy vest is amazing! And I adore the red boots :)

styledigger said...

I love furry vests:)

Marina said...

Nice blog... Are you interesting in a link exchange with my blog :
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Marina (from France)

Hannah said...

Oh wow hi! I'm studying zoology (nothing to do with fashion..) and I'm in my first year? How about both of you? It's so exciting finding other fashion bloggers within the same city! Of course I'm adding you too!

Hannah said...

Ha yes ODL, QLS and BCF! I've just finished the most horrible ODL essay and I've tonnes of other work to do still.. I swear biology students have it harder than all others! What year are you in? xx

ed said...