Friday, 28 November 2008

dum dum dummmmm

What a hectic week I've had, my work has been SUUUPER busy. But at least it makes the shifts go quicker :)
So a little announcement! Since I have been TERRIBLE at keeping this blog up to date with outfit posts, inspiration etc, I have decided to go upon a hiatus. As much as I love blogging and keeping up to date with fashion and alot of things involved with it, I just have not got the time for it! *sob* I'm even struggling to buy magazines, in terms of cash, but more so, time! I've not even been able to boot up me laptop frequently to check emails, until just now! I currently have 45 unread messages in only my yahoo! account and I dread to think what hotmail has for me!

So, for the time being (until the New Year anyway) I won't be posting. I may once every so many weeks, do one, but no guarantee! I wish to thank Char for being such a star and keeping our readers up-to-date. YOUR A STAR!! * * * * * * * * * * * * (stars for you!!)

I wish to thanks all the lovely readers who have been commenting on Char's posts, you guys are ace!
If I do not post (teenie bit early but..) I hope evryone has a GREAT Christmas and a FABULOUS New Year!!

Sea x.x.


Strawberry Fields said...

oh no! and this is my first time reading your stuff...but blogging isn't everything i guess =(
hope you have a happy christmas anyway!

Strawberry Fields said...

that's good to know! =)
i don't now weather to be happy for you or not seeing as primark can be absolute hell sometimes but when you go in and its quiet (shock) and find something nice you just have to love it. thanks for the commentx

lacouturiernyc said...

good luck with all that work and such time-consuming things!

La C.

Winnie said...
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Winnie said...

No worries, Sometimes it is so hard keeping up with blogging, while other times you can blog several times a day! Look forward to reading your posts in the new year, Have a great christmas!

DaisyChain said...

thanks for letting us know