Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Blue blazer black

I broke the heels-wearing pact today as I thought I may be going out tonight and everybody knows that heels in the day + heels at night = not a lot of dancing! So I broke out my vintage boots for comfort, they are my equivalent of Uggs! Today's outfit;
The boots are vintage, purchased from ebay, the tights are H&M and the skirt is ancient Zara, the "R" t-shirt is H&M as are the necklaces and the cardigan was a gift. Yesterday's outfit;

Topshop shoes, H&M tights, Topshop dress over Primark tee, Primark cardigan and gifted beads.
So, I did it...I went back for the dress I saw while thrifting yesterday, I had to! I was so happy that it was still there today. So I present to you; the velvet, studded, bodycon dress!
I had the most amazing thrifting trip yesterday (I didn't even mean to shop, I was waiting for the careers officer to start so I could get some essential CV advice!) the thrift gods were truly smiling upon me! The blazer;It reminds me of that episode of Friends where Joey gets a job at the tour guide at Ross' museum and can't sit with him because of his blue blazer. In a good way, I think! It fits me really nicely and was only £4.99 so I couldn't leave it! And this cute Country Casuals cardigan with tags;

Please excuse the flash, I wanted to show the pretty detail on it! I also got some pretty awesome jewellery but I can't show you since some of it will be presents! Not sure which pieces yet since I'd quite happily keep it all for myself, but that's not the spirit of Christmas! I did most of my shopping online yesterday and now I'm pretty sorted now, anyone else do their shopping before it's even December?
Oh, speaking of vintage jewellery, I picked up a useful tip at work; how to tell if pearls are real or not. You rub the pearls on your front teeth - I know, it's a pretty unpleasant thought! - if they're real they feel gritty and if they feel smooth then they're not real! Kinda useful, especially where vintage pearls are concearned. It's probably not the kind of thing you do in public though!
My Mum sent me a text asking me what I wanted for Christmas this morning so I've spent most of the day mulling it over and emailing her links to things!
Char x


Elena said...

LOVE the blazer! Amazing colour, great shape!

Ariella said...

Wow, the blue blazer is so pretty. The black cardigan is also great! Lovely finds.

Hm, no, it wasn't actually that cold outside on that day (around 0 or so), despite the snow, so I managed!

Stephanie said...

That dress is really amazing, how could you have left it the first time! Haha.
They are all brilliant finds, the thrift shop gods were most defiantly looking down on you.
The Polaroid program is only available for Macs at the moment, but they are working on one for Windows which should be available really soon!

Hippiegirl said...

i love that cardigan!!!

ray desre said...

cool buys.the topshop lace dress is to die it xx

heartofpearl♥ said...

want a blazer like that!!

Anonymous said...

im loving that dress with the studs on it, great find!

elisabeth said...

wow i love the thrifted finds!!the detail on that cardigen is beautiful
and i never knew that about pearls, im going to keep that tip in mind!