Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Velvet Crush

Hey there!
One of my current obsessions (and really, this one has reached the level where it can legitimately be called an obsession) is velvet. Maybe it's the colder weather and Christmas approaching fast with memories of past beloved winter party dresses, one Laura Ashley red number in particular. I wore the ugliest duffle coat two winters in a row for that red dress, to placate my Mum because it was expensive, apparently. I got this most perfect velvet dress on ebay, it arrived on Saturday and it fits like it was made for me and is the perfect length. After being inspired by fashion robot I decided to style it in a Lolita kind of way. I have had an obsession with the Lolita subculture in Japan for a while now, though it is not as big as my obsession for the Ganguro style - that's a whole other post there!
Not so sure I'd wear this whole outfit out but I like parts of it, like wearing the dress with my vintage shoes (an etsy find) which also have a velvety feel. The shirt is vintage and also from ebay, the tights are H&M, the cuffs are from etsy and the socks came from some weird sex/fetish shop on ebay since I wanted white ankle socks and my feet are too big for girls' school socks!
I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of this cute skirt (also from etsy) but, alas, it may be a while as it's all the way in the USA!

I am jelous of these amazing velvet shorts my friend F bought in H&M on our last shopping trip, jelous because a) they're awesome and b) she has the legs to actually wear them. My thighs do not get on with shorts...but I might have a second look anyway! I'm also using the alchemy feature on etsy (famously used by Susie Bubble for the creation of an awesome cage dress) to get the velvet leggings of my dreams...I need them and I need them to be ankle length which any not-made-especially-for-me ones will not be, darn 36" legs!

I thrifted today (purchases to come!) and saw a dress that was both velvet and studded...why didn't I buy it? I may have to go back tomorrow!

Excuse the rant, but I have an obsession I needed to vent, it'd only get worse if I held it in!

Char x


Elena said...

I am a bit sceptical about velvet... I like it a lot as a fabric but I don't think there is ANY chance I could look good in anything made of it! But you pull it of so well! Lovely outfit!

saray said...

about 4 monthes ago I hated velvet but after buying an amazing velvet dress from Steve and Barry's I love everything that is made of velvet.
the skirt is so lovely!

Stephanie said...

Velvet always intrigues me as a material. It can either look as though you are attempting a goth revival, or look absolutely amazing. You fall in the second category lucky girl. I would most defiantly fall into the first if I tried.

And as for the raging heartbeat when purchasing something on sale, I agree! It is crazy that you stand there thinking that in the last minute the sale has finished and your $5 shoes have suddenly become $500 and you missed out. It is like a workout in itself. Stuff the gym, go to sales!

PS: that skirt from etsy is really cute!

She's Dressing Up said...

Ooh I love velvet and the dress looks great!! The socks are cute too =]

Nita-Karoliina said...

i love velvet, that skirt is divine!