Wednesday, 29 July 2009

BIG aplogies!

First off, how terrible are we?! We've totaly neglected this poor blog adn both feel awful for it. The pair of us have been super busy since our last post with graduation, work and judt in general finding time to update and comment our followers and fellow readers. So, (again!), this post is to apolgise. I (Sea) am curently working on a post at the moment, seeing how we've not updated, I'm sure Char and I know that myself has LOTS of purchases to show off, inspiration pictures and several pictures from nights out we want to share with you. Very excited as it's my birthday soon, I remember posting about my birthday last year...and it only feels like it was 2 weeks ago or something, crazy.
There WILL be a post soon guys, much apologies.
Sea xx


beckylou said...

oh jey I'm so looking forward to your upcoming posts :D
and have a happy birthday!

DaisyChain said...

I've missed you girls a lot!

Jojo said...

Good to hear you'll be back...looking forward to it..

Love Jojo xx

elisabeth said...

hooray :D cant wait for your next post!i have missed your blog :)

Luis said...

Happy to see you back! And yes happy birthday. Waiting for your next post.
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HappyDolls said...

you gotta keep it up!!!

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