Monday, 22 December 2008

12 days of blog Christmas

Sorry for the lack of posts; I've been ill and working (though I'm off today....too poorly to work!) and so have no outfits to share with you! Here are a few things I wouldn't mind getting for Christmas;

Topshop silk dress
Topshop rose tee
Velvet trim dress from asos
Style Stalker dress
Motel top, I love pandas!

Cath Kidston things, so sweet!
asos studded bag
John Lewis sewing machine (which seems to have disapeared off the website, damn it!)
Yokoo at etsy Minnie bow and matching scarf a la White Lightening.
Tonic gen Luella tee (profits go to charity or something which is good, but a Luella tee for $45 is better!)

asos boots
Sorry for the lack of proper posting, I'm really sick of working and am really just looking forward to going home to my Mum's for Christmas!
Char x


Slanelle said...

ahaha i love pandas too :D

Nathalia said...

OH! I wish i could sew, then I really would want a a machine like that:)
love the dress to.

Demi said...

oh I love the first two, the panda top and the asos studded bag! mmmmm...
hope you get better soon honey!
and have a fabulous christmas and new year :)

saray said...

Great stuff, I'd love to get all of these stuff too

Demi said...

thank you :)
ahh, I know! I was feeling miserable and it was so cold, so I left the house without them! I felt naked!! haha.
thanks for the advice honey :)

Anonymous said...

this post made me realize i need socks, im adding them to my list right now!

Anonymous said...

Hello dear, such a cute blog you have:):)


Jillian B said...

cute stuff, i especially like the bow!
do you want to trade links?

Victoria-Olivia said...

What a lovely little list of things. Oh yes, I love Cath Kidston! Maybe you will get some spending money after christmas to buy more velvet and sheer things?! I hope your feeling better, it sucks getting ill at christmas. I'm sure being at home will instatly make you feel better.

Stephanie said...

oh, i love everything on your list! I especially love the style stalker dress and the studded bag!
I hope you feel better soon!
PS: your biscuit recipe was a treat! Everyone loved them!

deep_in_vogue said...

i am buying that Motel Top RIGHT NOW!

Eelie said...

Wow, that list is completely aweable. I'm currently lusting over some of Yokoos funky knitwear too. Perfect much? *sigh*

Sending good vibrations that you feel better soon

yiqin; said...

I like clothes from Topshop but sometimes they are so overpriced!!

Ariella said...

That's such a lovely wishlist! I hope you get many of the things on it :) Those things from Cath Kidston are so, so cute!

Hippiegirl said...

thanks for your comment :)
i want to have all these things of your post!!!!

DaisyChain said...

Amazing everything.

I made more of your shortbread today, everyone loves it!

WendyB said...

Love those shoes.

laurakinss said...

ooh i hope you feel better soon!! lvoe the ribbon asos dress, lovely!! ahh i play very very basic guitar haha, a little bit of piano and very limited harmonica... luckily most places have session bands so i don't have to do too much!!! xx

Winnie said...

I love that first dress from topshop and I always love Luella's T's but am yet to own one...lack of money maybe? Happy Christmas! xx

zsya said...

i want the panda shirt!