Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Two questions; the first is this dress appropriate for daytime wear? The second is do black and navy look good together? The answer to both is probably "no" and yet this is what I wore today;
My Mum said "If that skirt were any shorter, it would be a pelmet!" I think a pelmet is one of those frilly things that sits on top of fancy curtains, and whilst I am not about to deny the shortness on the dress, it is still a random thing to liken a dress to!
I wore this brooch which I got ages ago from ebay, the pink thing is apple-shaped!

I tried desperatly to avoid work all day and so I thrifted (didn't find anything good though, gutted!) and then made shortbread;
Anyone interested in a recipe? If so, I'll post it tomorrow - they are super easy and quick to make...as well as yummy obvs!

Char x


Strawberry Fields said...

oooo yes me! it is a lovely dress, maybe try a grey cardi an a pair of mini shorts underneath to soften the length. i love the little apple charm, but all over a lovely outfit. maybe try adding a hat or scarf...=)
number 16 on the team i was against kept saying that to me and a whole army could not keep me from my shopping trips!x

Little Miss Dress Up said...

Yummm Shortbread!! One of the few scottish delicacies I enjoy (I tried haggis one. omg. never. again. haha!) And mom's are so funny! Mine has a mouthful to say every time I step out of the dresser. I personally love navy blue and black. :D And i love your shoes.

Stephanie said...

oh i want the recipe!
and i love black and navy together!

Hannah Cheeto said...

I say yes to both questions! Haha and yummy(-looking) shortbread.

Zita said...

I think the dress is fine to wear at any time. & Yes to black and navy! Your not supposed to mix them, but I love it same as mixing brown and black!
Love your hair cut by the way really suits you!
& finally yes to shortbread recipe I love it!

lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

I love Navy and Black- rules schmules!

talisha said...

I would have added some shorts, mostly because I get uncomfortable sitting in one position for too long and move around a lot ;)

Your shoes are gorgeous!

DaisyChain said...

recipe please!