Tuesday, 30 December 2008

April wishes fulfilled!

This is my outfit from yesterday - my Mum and I shopped for 7 hours straight! We headed out to Livingston where there's a designer outlet (mostly crap shops with towels and sheets and *shudder* a Logo outlet) where highlights included a beautiful velvet Armani dress with bow, Miu Miu bags for a little over £200 as well as Luella bags at very decent prices! I didn't expect there to be any Luella (honestly came close to a heart attack!) and bought a Luella cardigan I posted about way back in April! It actually was the only thing I bought that day, which is pretty shocking but I really dislike sale shopping! We then headed to the big shops in town, Jenners (which is known as "Harrods of the North" but has recently been taken over by House of Fraser) and also Harvey Nichols, where I saw lots of amazing things and my Mum foolishly encouraged me to try things on - I declined as there was too great a risk of falling deeply, madly in love. That, and the extra 100 stone I gained over Christmas!

I wore my new boots which were comfy at the start of the day but not so much after a lot of walking! The socks are from New Look and the Topshop dress (which now has a broken strap, argh!) which you've all seen before! The cardigan was a gift from family in Australia and the pearls are thrifted and ebayed!
Char x


DaisyChain said...

Dude, you don't look like you gained an ounce!
I wish I could shop with you, haha..you always get great stuff.
And the boy toy,
well it's a recent thing. He's my ex from like, two years ago, but we're back in touch (err...haha) and having some fun. I doubt I'll wind up in a relationship though, I'm kind of commitment phobic!


Elena said...

Shopping for 7 hours?!?! I envy you!!!! And Miu Miu Bags at such prices? I think that you live in Paradise!
How do you always manage to create such cute outfits?
Happy New year!

Fashion Carnival said...

your outfit is gorgeous! i so love your dress

Victoria-Olivia said...

God, the sale shopping is quite a stress!! Lovely outfit, the boots are so sweet! I need to see an outfit with the Luella cardi!!!! Theres a designer outlet village near me, they have a Luella store, I've been planning on going for sometime, are the prices quite reasonable then?

keira antoia rose said...

Pretty black dresss! A strap should be easy enough to fix.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

zsya said...

that dress looks so cute on you!

Ariella said...

I have never been to an outlet, but it sounds so great. I cannot wait to see the Luella cardigan you bought. It sounds fantastic!

Happy new year, sweetie!

muchlove said...

Your outfit is beautiful!

Happy new year! :)

Strawberry Fields said...

you look great though!!! luella.....wow. i am in love already =) fabulous outfit!
well, one of my favourite singers is on stage at the show and i would freeze a little to hear her! xx

yiqin; said...

I LOVE YOUR SHOES! Ah happy new year! :)

Alyssa said...

hey! sorry to hear you had no snow!
Seems like you found some good finds!
Love the outfit!

Fashion Addict said...

I don't think I could ever shop 7 hours straight! That's amazing... I think I can only last about 3 hours - I get tired easily!

Happy New Year!

Strawberry Fields said...

you asked for it, good luck! i y have done a bit of a long shot but it will only do good i guess! xx