Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Triple trouble

It was so nice to have a post from Sea again, it's been an interesting experiment running the blog by myself (and total respect to people who do it alone - it's hard work!) but I like it better when both of us run it together! I'm a bit annoyed today as my flatmate has decided not to return after Christmas and so my Mum and I are trying desperatly to find someone new, but it isn't exactly an opportune time of year for that! We also had to pack most of her stuff yesterday as she left the room in a mess - I just hate going through other people's things (is it mean that I wore gloves the whole time?). Between finding a new flatmate and the extreme laziness which has set in as Christmas approaches, I'm sorry if I've been a lazy blogger! I wore my Topshop lace leggings over grey tights today, with the addition of socks to keep my feet toasty;
Sorry that the photos don't show it very well! New Years resolution = try to take half decent outfit pictures!
Yesterday's outfit was a bit rubbish since all I did was go to the supermarket but I'll post it anyway since I owe you guys a post!

The hairband fell off somewhere along the way too, which irritated wasn't expensive but a useful thing to have, darn my clumsiness!
Char x


deep_in_vogue said...

Don't worry about the hairband, looks cute without :o)

talisha said...

sorry to hear about your flatmate, I'm sure you'll find a better one very soon :)
and no shame in wearing gloves :P

Your tights are gorgeous and the dress is cute! <3

Zita said...

We have the same deal with our housemate she's moving out too. Lucky she's finding someone to replace her before she leaves, else she'd have continue paying the rent!

On the clothes side the tights & leggings combo looks good!

Bella said...

you look lovely... I'm really digging those tights.

Codename: The Pickola said...

Yes, I'm up for that! Have you got Skype? IF so then we should discuss it there, it's easier that way, but for now I am getting ready for the holidays. Mum is dragging me around Australia until January 10th.
Talk soon, Alice

Hannah said...

Oh that really sucks. I'm quite paranoid about other peoples belongings too. I'd totally have worn gloves! I'll have to start flat hunting next year, I'm really worried about it! Looking forward to getting out of Chancellor's Court though because I share a room so it's a little cramped.

I'm back home now for Christmas and I actually kind of miss Edinburgh!

DaisyChain said...

Haha I am forever losing hairbands and other random little things.

I made shortbread today <3