Monday, 15 December 2008


I've missed blogging sooo so so much!
Thanks to everyone who has been commenting Char's posts, I've been trying my best to keep updated on the *SQUEAH-NESS*!

Last night I had my works' Christmas party, alot of fun. Free bar! How awesome. Sadly, did not get any outfit pictures as it was a bit hectic during the day. Although I can tell you what I did wear (lol); black lace shift dress, 120 denier tights (the best kind!!), miss selfridge heels & my faux fur bolero/shrug thing. Much dancing (& drinking) was had, a fun night!

New job is going well! Topshop gets VERY busy at the weekend I can tell you! It's almost pay day for me and I cannot wait to buy me some lovely Christmas presents for myself (eg; CLOTHES!) - I've not had a chance to buy anything new in so long, so that will be nice. Also need to get some Christmas shopping in too. Hope the crowds won't be too hectic nearer the time I get paid!

A few things that I truly am, lusting over;
They shall be mineeeeeee!!
A few days ago, I came across an old picture that I forgot I had saved on my computer (I was deleting all my old stuff from the comp I used to use!) & I find it great. It's a pretty simple picture of a young Kate Moss, but I find it beautiful;

Its my current inspiration, for everything! ^_^
Sea x.x.


Strawberry Fields said...

glad you are back =)
she looks so young but she still hasn't lost that undescribable way of looking.
i LOVE all that stuff,
you are so lucky working in topshop.
i may steal your discount so i can get the batman pjs! =)

Elena said...

Nice list! I hope you get evetything you want from Santa!

saray said...

love your list..

DaisyChain said...

Glad to see you posting! I'm so jealous you work in Topshop. Makes Tesco seem even less exciting haha.


Winnie said...

I couldn't work in topshop, I did think about it but it's too busy for my liking...Birmingham's topshop is quite a big store. I am always in there though and buy far more stuff in there than I do in the shop I work for (high street too) xxx