Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Almost Christmas :)

Hello :)
Ooooh Christmas is almost here! I'm glad I have the next few days off as my work has been CRAZY busy these past few days, all the late Christmas shoppers! Thankfully, I've got all my shopping done so hurrah. I quite dislike Christmas shopping, its just too busy anywhere you go, there is usually nothing left (eg; me buying my mum the last bottle of Chanel Allure Perfum and it costing me a painful £68.99!!). Anyway, I'm just glad that I've got it all done! To add to my Christmas shopping, my GHD straighteners broke the other day so I had to buy new ones! No worries however, as I did not get GHD's (too expensive for me at the moment!) so I got some remington ones and they are ACE! They go just as hot as GHD's and they straighten so, job done! They only cost me £16.99 :)

Just the one outfit picture for now as I've been a bit busy with Christmas and work etc!

Sea x.x.


saray said...

the outfit looks really cute

The Clothes Horse said...

Love the outfit--that coat is awesome.

Demi said...

thank you :)
haha i'm strange, cos I was saying that last week haha, me and my friends were trying to work out how many eves it was!!!
and pretty outfit, is that the same coat as mine? it looks great!!

clairegrenade said...

you tee shirt is AWESOME

nah scratch that, your entire outfit just rules school :]]

Claire said...

im getting new GHD's for Christmas-my first ever pair! is that that prince tee from topshop?? looks niiiice xx

Unwise Pedestrian said...

LOVE that outfit - the jacket is super hot!

DaisyChain said...

I love your outfit,
I hope you have a fantastic christmas x

emma said...

great jacket!

and merry christmas

an92 said...

cute! I love the coat!

ed said...