Friday, 19 December 2008

pay-day, presents, happyness!!

AT LAST, it was pay-day for me today. I checked my online banking thingy at around 7AM and was overjoyed to find that I had a big fat pay YAY!!

The Christmas shopping will start tomorrow, I'm kinda dreading the shoppers so close to Christmas, bet it will be crazy! So, with my first pay from my new job, I took some time on my lunch break to buy some things from work, discount rocks.
Here's what I bought;
A gorgeous bronzey/gold like coloured skirt. It is so perfect! It comes out all floaty and lovely, I'm well chuffed with it :) I got it from one of the concessions within Topshop, so cute!

OK, excitement over, I love this, and Prince!! Please excuse my shoesies/housephone/mobile/bag at the side there *the shame* ha.
A mink coloured basic cardi, trying to inject some more colour into my wardrobe here! And a pair of grey long leggings.
This bloomin' picture wouldnt rotate for some reason, how annoying. Anyway, its a cream tunic, long top. It'd be good for layering/wearing with leggings etc!
I'm sure I will be buying more within the next few days, I've missed shopping SO much. Goodness, I sounds so sad, oh well :)

This is what I wore today;
Lace dress; Lipsy. Tights; H&M. Shoes; Topshop. Cardigan; H&M.

Sea x.x.


FashionSqueah! said...

Oh so happy you got paid, squee! I love everything you bought hon, and that first skirt is just BEAUTIFUL! Remember how my little step-sister had a blog before? Well now she has a new one and she needs new readers, don't ya think it'd be cool if we did a joint post with her? I'm trying to think of a cool theme or whatever but so far I haven't come up with anything much...thoughts?

Hannah said...

Great buys, any of those would fit quite nicely into my closet, they're all so versatile. Love your outfit too. So are you also an Edinburgh student, as well as Char?

laurakinss said...

oh i nearly bought that tshirt yesterday, i nearly did a dance of glee in the middle of topshop!!! but then i remembered i can't afford it for another week or so...!!!

Ivania said...

I love payday, best day of the month, mine was today!! great buys!

Slanelle said...

i love the tanktop!

DaisyChain said...

I want that skirt SO much.

lev_i_mote said...

yay for money! :)

love your choices!

Ariella said...

Lucky you working at Topshop! It must be great to be getting discounts there. I love the golden skirt you bought. Good luck with the xmas shopping!

Jillian B said...

cutecutecute skirt
i'm so jealous you work at topshop!
i would probably die of happy!

Strawberry Fields said...

i lovelovelove that fabulous vest and skirt. amazing style :)