Tuesday, 2 December 2008

I have always depended on the kindness of strangers...

Today has been productive. I am one step closer to getting my dissertation sorted out and I once again believe in the kindness of other human beings. I (stupidly) left my USB stick in the computer labs, not even noticing that the thing which holds all of my work this year wasn't with me. My phone rang this afternoon and a random guy had found my stick, looked at my CV which was on it and phoned me, how amazing is that? I'd have been in so much trouble if I'd lost that! However, if facebook tells me that one more person "is no longer listed as single." I may scream! Is it just the time of year? Anyway, my new boots came today and I think I am in love!
The boots!
Close up of my pretty thrifted cardigan;
Did everyone see Gossip Girl? Oh. My. God. Chuck's sequin suit? Beta-Chuck and beta-Blair gettin' it on...Vanessa wearing something in a colour that didn't scar my retinas (even if it was see-through!).

Char x


Zita said...

Your very lucky to get you USB stick back! I left mine in the library one time and someone took it. Obviously I'm a idiot and did back up what was on it and I had to rewrite my essay in two days. Bad times.
Love the boots, where did you get them?

Anonymous said...

Those boots are amazing!

Yay for the sweet guy who gave your USB stick back. I always write my cell number in my books on the off-chance that if I leave them in the lecture theater someone will call and give them back - so it's nice to know that actually happens!

Stephanie said...

I love your boots! Where are they from? And may I say wow, at the fact that someone had the initiative to call you and return your usb! That has never happened to me. When I loose something i have to face the fact that it has gone forever.

elisabeth said...

wow :D thats lucky!proves there still is nice people about.
yeah, im getting fed up with facebook and its 100 invitations to have a hug or find out what hollyoaks character i am, bah!
those boots are beautiful!:D

muchlove said...

That was really nice of that guy. It's great to know there are kind strangers out there :)

The details of your cardigan looks so lovely!

oh, and that rhyme you told me is so cute! I don't remember that one!

laurakinss said...

wow, that's so lucky!! that's just the sort of thing i would do, leave something that important behind!! i'm in love with the boots, love the whole fringing thing! i've stopped really using facebook since they changed it all - getting fed up with the spam!!! x

Strawberry Fields said...

well done, that guy is lovely thogh! i once left my locker wide open with my keys still in the lock! that was just awful!
i love japanese food, noodles and tofu are my favourite!
i am from the north east, it is really icy right now as all the snow has gone. no day off though :(

Beth said...

I'm going to be studying art history- I'm so excited! I can't wait for August to roll around lol

Beth said...

And who needs a man when they can have those boots? :)

Gloss Glam Zen Fly said...

Love those Boots!