Friday, 5 December 2008


Last night was a lot of fun (there was dancing) but of course I didn'tmake it to my 9 o'clock lecture today. No big deal really but it was the last lecture before Christmas holidays so I really should've gone... I got my hair cut today and so these are the last pictures of my super long hair!

Hope everyone has fun plans for the weekend! I'm checking out the Winter Wonderland (German market, outdoor skating and a big wheel - Edinburgh is fun at Christmas time!) and celebrating a friend's 21st first (we have been promised home-made chilli!), so it should be a good one!
Char x


laurakinss said...

ooh i love your skirt and tights - i bought grey ones a while back but i haven't even worn them yet!! wow you're really brave getting such long hair cut, i'm a wuss even when it comes to trimming my fringe!!! :) x

Strawberry Fields said...

simply adorable , i love your style!
my advice with hats is keep it at the back of your head but it involves a lot of pulling to keep it on. beanies are the best, try M&S and accesorize for those. according to my friends is should straighten my hair before wearing a hat but i like them anyway!
i would do anything to get away from the weather i am currently experiencing, it is my pet hell!

Hannah said...

I went to the Edinburgh festival last night. Great fun! Do you by any chance happen to know any good thrifting places in Edinburgh? I'm aware of the Armstrongs shops and a couple more surrounding the big Armstrongs but that's all. Oh and the car boot! I LOVE the car boot here!

Song of Style said...

is that a tweed jacket?
or just a plaid jacket?
either way, i heart it!

DaisyChain said...

Love your outfit, a lot.
I miss my long hair :(

saray said...

cute jacket :)

deep_in_vogue said...

you look super super cute, those gray tights are great, I've been looking for some for I don't know how long. Love your style!

muchlove said...

Cute outfit! I love the tights.

Oooh, Winter Wonderland sounds like so much fun. Share some photos if you take any!

yiqin; said...

This outfit is so WELL put together! I really like it.

Zita said...

I have that top in yellow! Love it.